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Libido Direct

1. For whom is L direct® intended?

L direct® is an innovative food supplement providing powerful and quick help in boosting potency, and is intended for all men over 18.

2. Does L direct® work?

L direct® works fast to improve male potency. L-arginine, a key ingredient of L direct®, is the precursor of nitrogen monoxide (NO) – a vasodilator which dilates blood vessels and therefore increases blood circulation in the body, as well as in the penis. If there is no sufficient nitrogen monoxide in the blood, there is no erection. It has been confirmed that higher doses of L-arginine significantly improve the erectile function of men with low levels of nitrogen monoxide in the body.*

3. Why effervescent tablets?

L direct® is specially formulated for fast action – it is in a form of an effervescent tablet. Dissolved in water, the effervescent tablet of L direct® is quickly absorbed in the body and transported even to the tiniest blood vessels. The vessel-dilating effect is visible very soon. In this way, L direct® ensures quick help to boosting male potency.

4. Is L direct® safe for use?

Because of its active ingredient, L-arginine, obtained from a natural source, whose effects have been clinically proven, L direct® is safe and suitable for everyday use. It may be used from time to time in special occasions as well as over a longer period of time.

5. Can L direct® be bought without prescription?

Yes, L direct® is a food supplement available without prescription.


* Chen J et al. Effect of oral administration oh high-dose nitric oxide donor L-arginine in men with organic erectile dysfunction: results of a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study. BJU Int. 1999. 83 (3):269-73.
L Direct - za sigurnu potenciju u svakoj životnoj dobi. Jedan sastojak. Jedan cilj. Djeluje snažno, brzo i točno gdje treba!

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