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Libido Direct, inovativan dodatak prehrani provjerene njemačke kvalitete, moćan je saveznik muškoj potenciji.


L direct® is an innovative food supplement developed specifically for men. Formulated with fast acting and high potency L-arginine from natural sources it boosts male potency in a natural and safe but effective way.


L-arginine, an active ingredient of L direct®, is crucial to its potency boosting effects. L-arginine is an amino acid naturally present in the human body and is necessary for protein synthesis. Therefore, it is an integral part of all tissues and organs. This amino acid has numerous other functions also, such as significant improvement of the elasticity of blood vessels. L-arginine is the precursor of nitrogen monoxide (NO) – a vasodilator which dilates blood vessels and therefore increases blood circulation in the body. When NO blood levels rise, the vessels in the body relax and expand, allowing more blood to flow into the penis and an erection to develop. The effect on erectile function is noticed fast and perfusion is improved.

L direct® supplies the body with L-arginine, specially formulated for fast action, which is necessary for the synthesis of nitrogen monoxide. Vessel-dilating effect is visible very soon. In this way, L direct® provides quick help to boosting male potency.

Način uzimanja

Adults should take two effervescent tablets dissolved in a glass of water, at least 45 minutes before activity. L direct® is suitable for long term as well as for periodical use.

Sigurnost primjene

L direct® contains L-arginine from a completely natural source. Its effects have been clinically proven, which makes it safe for long term use.

L Direct - za sigurnu potenciju u svakoj životnoj dobi. Jedan sastojak. Jedan cilj. Djeluje snažno, brzo i točno gdje treba!

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